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Another Open Letter to the Board of Directors

January 1, 2013


An Open Letter
RE: The RPO Board and Maestro Remmereit Controversy
To: C. Owens & E. Rice & The RPO Board
The Democrat and Chronicle
Certain Honorary RPO Board Members
Arild Remmereit & Glenn Pezzulo

The Current Brouhaha over the RPO Controversy comes at a most unfortunate time for our community; what with the terrible news from Kodak and a downtown that has been struggling to re-invent itself for decades. The RPO is much loved by a great many Rochesterarians. If it is diminished it is just one more sad loss to an already ailing community.

In my long lifetime I have heard conductors such as: Bernstein, Mitropoulos, Koussevitzky, and other greats.; and I truly believe that Maestro Remmereit is of the same mould. In attending 45 years of RPO concerts I have never heard the RPO sound better and isn’t this the most important issue.

If the Maestro is demanding and strives for perfection; isn’t this a good thing? A great orchestra will fill more seats than a mediocre one. If the Maestro may be difficult in his quest for perfection, don’t forget that Beethoven and Michelangelo were also “difficult” artists. I have noticed repeatedly that the Maestro leaves the podium in a drained state, having given his all and no doubt expects the musicians to do the same. He is dynamic and exciting and generous with the players. In taking his bows he also walks into the orchestra and gives recognition to players and group performers.

Financial shortfalls are a common ailment and can be rectified by a happy constituency. If the RPO board takes this unfortunate action there are many unhappy potential donors who will cancel their support; including us (not something we relish doing). The musicians are caught in the middle; they suffer, the community suffers–all suffer!

I would hope the people of our community, especially civic leaders, would rally for our gifted conductor. A great city deserves a great symphony and leader and we believe that Maestro Remmereit is a giant among conductors.

Two distressed RPO Devotees, We Are, Sincerely,

Virginia Skuse, Frank Grosso

One Comment
  1. Jennie Oberholtzer permalink

    I agree with this letter 100%. We too are saddened and angered by this unconscionable turn of events on the part of the Board of Directors and the President/CEO. Talk about people letting power go to their heads!

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