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January 8, 2013

Because Gleason Auditorium only holds 175 people, we would appreciate that by Noon on Jan. 10, attendees either register for the Jan. 10 meeting at or RSVP to the person who invited them.  Those who have registered or RSVP’d will be admitted first.

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  1. Laura B Volk permalink

    Rochester Disharmonic Orchestra. I have watched the rather quiet reaction of our community to the sad turn of events with our orchestra. Without insight to the innerworkings, I can only observe that the speed with which things have happened is troubling. It has created an unbalanced situation in which it is now difficult to move forward and difficult to go backward. It is also a financial minus any way you look at it. The haste with which Mr. Remmereit’s contract was ended has hurt us all, something I deeply regret for our talented conductor and his family, for the RPO board, and for our wonderful orchestra. Who will rush to come here next, knowing how abruptly we ended the work of Mr. Remmereit?

  2. Laura B Volk permalink

    My post does not appear to have been posted. This contributes to my impression that the community response to this situation is being carefully controlled, something which causes me additional concern. Laura Volk

  3. I see two posts from you here? I’ll try again to verify when I’m at my home computer. Unfortunately, though free, WordPress is not without flaws.

    That said, we are vehemently opposed to the actions management has taken to silence critics. Let me know if you still cannot see your comments.

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