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A Response to the Latest enotes Email

January 10, 2013
Although not entirely unexpected in view of how Mr Owens and Ms Rice have skewered Maestro Remmereit, I think it’s a total disgrace that he isn’t going to conduct the Mozart concert. It would have been very eye opening to see the audience reaction. Are you afraid of that? I’m sorry if this email sounds hostile, but I along with so many others find the actions of the Board to be completely reprehensible. What they are telling us is not to be believed. It makes so little sense and it hasn’t taken into account one tiny bit, the fact that the audience, the patrons and the contributors are so not on board with this unfortunate decision. It was quite telling when Mr Owens was booed from the audience when he made a rather gratuitous appearance a few weeks ago. In over 4 decades, I have never heard anyone booed on that stage. But this was so totally deserved. I and others sitting around me were convinced that if had not been for the sensitive events of the Connecticut tragedy, Owens would have been booed off that stage as well. Is that the legacy you wish this Board to leave with this community? Are you reading the comments from a large spectrum of people who just can’t fathom what in the world you are doing?
Honestly this farce has tainted the season and all the damage control you are trying to do is not going to change people’s minds. If the Maestro must go, then it is vital for the welfare of this wonderful orchestra that Mr Owens and Ms Rice be summarily removed from the Board, so the stench of this mess can be cleaned up and we can start over.
This is shameful. I am disappointed beyond belief at how this has played out. I hate that the musicians have been thrown into the middle of this because we love the musicians. But you must know, the audience you are charged to support and nurture is not in concert with you. (no pun intended)  I would respectfully ask you to reconsider your position for the greater good, but apparently Owens and Rice are more important than the audience they serve.
Your email today made me sick to my stomach. I really don’t care if you got Wolfgang himself to conduct. This was Mr Remmereit’s concert and you have stolen it from him and from us. What a terrible path this season has taken. If crowds are good for this concert, please don’t delude yourself into thinking that it is anything other than the fact that we love our orchestra. They don’t deserve to be the victims. And we, their supporters don’t appreciate you.
Ted Cichanowicz

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  1. I’m also sick to the stomach at the recent events. But now, for the first time, also angry. Regardless of the future resolution of the problems, I was looking forward to enjoying Arild conducting the Mozart weekend concert. The music would win out, I expected, at least for one concert. Now the thuggish corporate strategy of the RPO board has stolen that from me. My tickets say “Arild Remmereit Conducting” and I expect a refund if he is able to conduct but can not do so simply because of RPO board politics. At this point, after 20 years of subscribing to the RPO, and bringing dozens of others to various concerts, I will NOT be renewing for 2013-2014 unless this board rethinks its intransigent attack on the community of Rochester’s music lovers. I have come to love this orchestra, but I cannot justify spending my hard earned entertainment dollars on any organization who has such a low regard for its audience and expects us to stomach such vicious attacks and malicious spin-weaving against our Maestro.

  2. Gentlemen:
    You are both right. A wonderful orchestra like ours is also a serious enterprise. Those who have the honor of serving on the Board are supposed to be stewards of this 90 year old treasure. They owe it to the memory of George Eastman, who made it all possible. They owe it to the Rochester community at large, the musicians, and the loyal audience and patrons, to take their duties seriously, and not engage in petty tactics that hurt the musical and financial viability of the RPO.

    I hope you will continue to take your well-crafted comments to the RPO management and Board members, and to the media, who now seem more interested in this issue since our January 10th public meeting.
    You are both right. as they used to say, “that’s no way to run a railroad.” And that’s no way to run a $9 million organization.

  3. acde fghi permalink

    Admin Note: This was written after Richard Carte was advised not to post unless he or she was no longer using an alias.

    Perhaps Mr. Remmereit should have returned any number of the many calls that were placed to him to determine whether or not he was still planning on conducting. Unfortunately, after he cleared out his office at the end of November, he hasn’t responded to repeated phone inquiries. He hasn’t attended any pre-scheduled meetings- including auditions, tenure meetings, meetings having to do with preparing for next season’s concerts, etc. Because he didn’t show up for work, he wasn’t paid. Because he didn’t attend any meetings or respond to phone calls concerning the January 24th concert, he was replaced. It’s not particularly complicated.

    • I thought we weren’t tolerating anonymous or troll comments on this page?

      On November 27, 2012, Maestro Remmereit cited the RPO Board and administration for violating his contract by creating a hostile work environment. The RPO, Inc. has not yet replied to this allegation of contract violation.They are obliged to do so. The Maestro has no choice but to wait for a response to his charge.

      BTW, canceling the MD’s phone makes it difficult to return calls, even if one wanted to.

  4. Petras Karen permalink

    I have written before and I am still livid! I am concerned for those of us who have season tickets. I do not want to fill my seat (orchestra) and have it assumed that I will accept the wrong that has been done to us all or “get over it”. I am thinking that we should stage a peaceful protest for the Mozart concert by sitting in our regular seats but wear a colored arm band (I’m thinking red for anger). Maybe someone else has a better idea. I could skip the concert and “eat’ the cost, but I want whatever I do to be noticed. Let’s hear from others.

    • Peter Maurer permalink

      I love your idea Karen! I’m a season ticket holder as well, and have also wondered what to do for future concerts. There are no easy answers, but the idea of showing up with a symbol protesting Arild’s termination seems like the best move.

      Are you a member, perchance? If so, make sure to show up at the membership meeting on January 23rd.

      • Petras Karen permalink

        I am a member! Unless I hear of a better idea, I will show up at the meeting with a red arm band. Don’t let me be the only one.

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