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January 10, 2013 Public Meeting

January 12, 2013

This is the meeting that took place on January 10, 2013. The speakers include: a current RPO musician (John Sullivan); two former RPO board members (Drs. Gwen Sterns and Kishan Pandya) and Maestro Arild Remmereit.

Other speakers include Liane Curtis, Ray Grosswirth, and Maestro Dr. David Fetler.

This event was moderated by Eileen Buholtz.


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  1. Fass Martin permalink

    How great that this meeting was carefully recorded. Please tell those of us in the community of support (assuming it is not already obvious to each of us) how to promote and publicize that this video record is here, and ought to be watched.

    I continue to be anxious, along with the many other elements to be anxious about, that many supporters of the Maestro have given up, or joined the call to go beyond the “incident” and not dwell on the past. That is, to submit to the power of those currently in authority.

    The RPO Board and its friends ARE doing a good job, it seems, of making many Rochester people feel they know nothing and CAN know nothing, should stop the impolitic protesting and questioning, be quiet and buy tickets.

  2. Mr. Fass,

    Your concern is a legitimate one. I have spoken to supporters of the Maestro and change at the RPO who don’t believe that you CAN “beat city hall,” or who are so uncomfortable with any conflict that they are more concerned about manners than about the music.

    But I also know courageous people who will not be fooled by the “let’s move on” cry of management, knowing that it really means, “give up and settle for mediocrity.”
    You are obviously of the second group! What can you do? Please post this video on your web page (FB?) if you have one, and encourage your friends, relatives and other dedicated supporters to do the same.

  3. Yes, very helpful that this is now posted. Here is an approximate index of the speakers.
    0:18 — Eileen Buholtz, moderator, introductions
    3:25 — Liane Curtis
    6:26 — Ray Grosswirth
    10:22 — John Sullivan (RPO musician — who receives a standing ovation for his powerful speech!!)
    15:27 — Maestro Arild Remmereit (who of course also receives a standing ovation)
    21:22 — Former RPO Board member Dr. Gwen Sterns
    27:44– Former RPO Board member Dr. Kishan Pandya
    32:30 — Eileen Buholtz summarizes what our next steps should be, in order to make sure that the RPO can continue and be a healthy organization.
    37:35 — questions from the audience
    47:20 — final speaker, Maestro David Fetler

  4. Barbara permalink

    Loved hearing from Maestro David Fettler and everyone else who articulated so well their first hand experiences with the RPO. Susan B Anthony was the muse breaking ground in Rochester to feature women composers, innovative programing, heard of around the world, next was to have been Frederick Douglass and the Underground Railroad.

    My heart is sad to think we might have been leaders again in Rochester and now the hope is a fallen dream. Be part of the conversation, listen, and serve as we see our way open to do so…thank you…perhaps together we may find a way to lift up all the citizens of this fine music city…this visionary sees us united in love of great music we can all call our own, our RPO! May our dreams come true after all…

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