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From the Chair of the Board to Board Members Prior to the Meeting

January 13, 2013

To Board and Honorary Board Members:

As many of you know, there will be a meeting tonight, hosted by a group calling itself rpocommunity, to discuss the RPO board’s decision to terminate Arild Remmereit’s contract at the end of the 2012-13 season. Details about what people are actually affiliated with rpocommunity are hard to come by, but through press reports we know that Ray Grosswirth, along with former board members Gwen Sterns, Nannette Nocon and Kishan Pandya, and current honorary board member Betty Strasenburgh, are in support and will probably attend. Apparently, Arild Remmereit will also speak.

Please know that there will be an RPO presence at this meeting: Mark Berry will be attending as a representative of the RPO, as will Kyle Polite and Brian Piazza. Dave Angus and some other musicians are planning to attend to represent the RPO.

If you are a Board Officer or on the Executive Committee, do not attend the meeting. Other Board and Honorary Board members should feel no compulsion to attend. If you do, please remember that you are also representing the RPO, and should remain calm, professional, and patron-centric at all times. Mark Berry is prepared with talking points in the event that any questions arise about the RPO.  Please follow his lead, if you decide to speak.

There will be media in attendance; if you are attending, please remember to direct any press inquiries to Mark Berry.

One final note: according to the website, it is necessary to register through the site for this meeting. As of now, according to the site, this meeting is full, and the organizers are looking for an alternative location.

Elizabeth Rice
RPO Board Chair

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