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More Internal Correspondence

January 21, 2013

>From: David Angus [email redacted]
>Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2013 12:28 PM
>To: David Angus [email redacted]
>Cc: Erik Behr [email redacted]
>Subject: proxy for RPO annual meeting
>Hi all,
>Jules Smith of the RPO would like to have proxies in hand in the event
>that they are needed for the upcoming annual meeting of the RPO. Erik
>Behr & I have discussed this, and we compiled a list of colleagues who we
>assumed would likely be willing to provide such a proxy. Assuming you are
>members of the RPO, this proxy would give Jules Smith the right to vote
>on your behalf at the meeting next Wednesday in the event that became
>Without knowing what kind of shenanigans might be attempted, we would
>just like to be prepared as much as possible.  Even if you plan to be in
>attendance (and we encourage that), there is always the chance that you
>won’t be able to obtain a seat, or you might be ill, or you might have to
>leave early, or whatever.
>So – I’m going to deliver (by car) a copy of the proxy to you this
>afternoon at your home, at ESM or wherever it would seem that I can get
>it to you the most expeditiously.  Your signature and return of the
>simple document either immediately to me or by mail ASAP to Jules Smith
>would be appreciated.  I apologize for contacting you in this manner, but
>time is of the essence.  Please call my cell (redacted) if you have
>questions or concerns.

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  1. ted cichanowicz permalink

    I wouldn’t consider trying to restore dignity and integrity to the RPO by removing Charles Owens and whatever it is he has done to damage the RPO brand with our community as ‘shananigans’. If Remmereit must go..and Owens doesn’t join him, everybody who loves the RPO in this community will lose. This whole mess, initiated by Owens, can only be characterized as ‘sad’…sad, disappointing and totally unnecessary. Would somebody connected with the RPO board have the integrity to tell us just exactly what the Harmony project said about Mr Owens. Its only fair you know. That silence speaks volumes.

  2. ted cichanowicz permalink

    Balance takes a holiday when the writer in her very first paragraph states that she continues to support the firing of Remmereit. Everything that follows carries a ‘taint’ or tacit bias when the reader already knows the author has taken sides. Sorry…not balanced. A tactical error in my humble opinion.
    And what ‘world class’ conductor is going to want to come here when he knows that his contract can be unitlaterly broken and that such actions so greatly displease the audience he is charged to entertain? It has reached the point where the only way this fiasco can be put to rest is a fresh start…without this current Board’s leadership. As they say….the hostilities may eventually cease, but there won’t be peace. Just an end of hostilites, with all the components of the problem still in place —musician against musician, musican against patrons, patrons against Board and that feel-good tingle many once had when looking forward to an evening at the Eastman will have been scarred in the wake of all this ill will. Already, its just not the same. If this is what the Board feels is the way to treat their patrons—without taking a large number of concert goers and ticket buyers strong displeasure into consideration–that Board is not worthy of their office.

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