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Arild Has Been Fired

January 24, 2013

News just broke that Arild Remmereit has been fired due to a failure to respond to the RPO.

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  1. Amie Klepper Bush permalink

    I feel sick about this. Absolutely sick. What a bunch of world-class a**holes over there. I used to be so proud of the RPO, now the very thought of them makes me feel queasy. I don’t even know what to do with myself. I am heart-broken. Truly. 😦

  2. Amie, I feel the same. And shame on them for the damage they do to this city.

  3. Amie Klepper Bush permalink

    I’m over on facebook on the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra page getting into it with a bunch of idiots who just think that we can all “move on” now. I’m so upset I can’t even think straight. I can’t believe they did this one day after the annual meeting. What a smug bunch of jerks.

  4. Get your “WE WANT ARILD!” buttons tonight (and Saturday) outside the Eastman Theatre! They may have won the battle, but they have not won the war! Email Christina Arden , or Ray Grosswirth , if you would like to help!!

  5. oops, can’t give you emails, it looks like. Well, show up before the concerts to help.

  6. Amie Klepper Bush permalink

    I wish I could, Liane, but it’s college night at my daughter’s school tonight. If there’s something else I can do, please let me know through this thread. I will check back. Are you on facebook? We could communicate that way.

  7. Kathy O'Shea permalink

    When all of this unfolded and it was determined that Maestro Remmereit would no longer be conducting tonight’s concert, my husband and I made other plans, and we really regret not being able now to be there to stand with you in protest with our pins. I hope supporters will consider further such demonstrations so our voices can be heard. I submitted a “Speaking Out” piece to the Democrat and Chronicle but it doesn’t appear they plan to print it. When others suggest we “just move on,” I believe they are naive; what other conductor/Music Director of Arild Remmereit’s caliber would wish to come into the division, destruction, and lack of transparency that has resulted here?

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