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Poll: Should the RPO have fired music director Arild Remmereit?

January 25, 2013

Here is the link to the Democrat & Chronicle’s poll on RPO, Inc.’s treatment of Maestro Remmereit. ┬áPlease vote.

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  1. ted cichanowicz permalink

    can’t respond to poll because I’m not on twitter or facebook. My response would have been he was fired unfairly. This was a total set-up from the beginning. The Board terminated him early and then said it wouldn’t go into effect until Aug 2013…which is ridiculous. When you are told you are no longer wanted, you leave immediately. So by making it ‘effective’ in August, and then saying he hasn’t fulfilled his responsibilites is patently ridiculous and an obvious set up to fail. Plus they stopped paying him. Does the public know that?
    The actions of this Board are unconscienable. The leadership MUST be relieved of duties before any healing can take place. I say this because they have completely polarized both the community AND the musicians. A fresh start is required. The musicians who felt Arild must go are now pacified. However there are others who are not happy with this outcome and have to wonder what this bully board will do next. Everyone would be satisfied ‘a little’ if the entire problem went away. And that won’t happen if Owens and Rice remain.

    At the annual meeting it was clear the full room was divided. And that is just plain sad…that it has to come to this.That sides have to be taken. Rice takes no ownership of any responsibility for this public relations nightmare. She aggressively shut down most dissent…it was clear they wanted no part of it and their supporters gleefully supported her actions. A question was directly asked that perhaps she and Owens should step down because of the public relations nightmare. She denied any accountability. Thats absurd.

    The musicians must now unite. But with that unity must come accountablility…for some of their roles in this debacle.Their audiences clearly loved Arild. And they must deal with that no matter how many feelings were hurt. They are sending a mixed message to the patrons. There must be new leadership. A new music director must know that he can be hired and the contract will be honored. I have said I have not trusted the Board’s public statements and while they may have fooled a few of the attendees, I don’t think they have fooled the majority.

    The Boards actions during their meetings has also been called into question. While Rice states that certain staff members have quit because of Arild, she carefully did not acknowlege that there have been others who have departed because of the actions of this dysfunctional Board’s leadership.

    The general public will possibly forgive and forget and maybe that is what Rice is counting on. But maybe not. We certainly don’t want to harbor any ill feelings towards the musicians, so they must quickly acknowledge an end to this rift. The Board has not been transparent. They tell us only what they want us to know. And its all negative towards the Music Director.

    If Arild is indeed a Jeckyll and Hyde person, we need to know details. That would help those of us who have delighted in his work here and his involvement in the community to better understand. So far there has been nothing revealed to us to help us sort it all out.

    I truly hope that going forward, steps are taken to remove the leadership of this Board…for the good of the RPO, its musicians and its patrons. We need a total flushing so this won’t happen ever again.

  2. Fass Martin permalink

    Good words from Ted, thank you.

    Two things to mention. First, a “poll” is an especially doubtful thing to conduct when people lack sufficient information. The RPO board and administration has done its best to keep things secret.

    Second, much is being said now that the “report” is available. It should be realized that this document is simply giving back what the consultant was told. That’s what consultants so often do, merely feed back on paper what they have collected from those they interviewed. The reader should never assume anything is a “fact” or is “true” merely because it is in a “report.”

  3. ted cichanowicz permalink

    not to beat the dead horse, but what an absurdity the way the first ‘choice’ on this poll is worded…’he didn’t do the work he shouldn’t get paid’. Seriously? Again, what does the public know? He DID do the work, WHEN he was getting paid. When he stopped getting paid, beginning in December, he didn’t do the work. For heaven’s sakes…at least get this little fact straight before doing an inaccurately worded poll.

  4. ted cichanowicz permalink

    Certainly appears that both polls have taken on a similar result, and one that really, in light of everything that has transpired, makes little sense and smacks of a complete lack of credibility or accountability. Looks like good old fashioned ballot box stuffing. Oh well.

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