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It is amusing to note…

January 27, 2013

It is amusing to note that the Anti-Arild critics, including board chair Betsy Rice, now eagerly concede Maestro Remmereit’s conducting talent and audience skills, which had originally been cited as his weakness. (It was also amusing to observe that two days before the annual meeting of members last week, RPO, Inc. removed all such derogatory comments from its blog page.) The faction now justifies Maestro Remmereit’s termination for cause, which was Thursday, January 24, the day after the annual meeting, by claims that Maestro Remmereit’s personality has an opposite side that the ignorant public has been unable to detect, and that his administrative capabilities have been deficient since late November of 2012. Didn’t Maestro Remmereit’s attorney comment on how hard the Board slammed the door shut on the Maestro when it terminated him “without cause” on November 28, 2012?

-RPO Community Administrators

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  1. Fass Martin permalink

    Doing what I can to keep up with messages that appear here, this is to request that messages such as “It is amusing to note…” should not appear anonymously.

    And a question– Can anyone tell me how (if it is possible) to request the Maestro add me as a friend to his Facebook activity?

  2. Sir,
    You are correct. The administrator of this page should request that the writer of this remark (however sympathetic to our purpose) should identify him/herself. Anonymous remarks do not belong here.

  3. rpocommunity permalink

    I was the one who wrote that.

  4. Jennie Oberholtzer permalink

    So who are you, “I”? Just give us your name. By the way, I don’t find any of this amusing…it makes me sick to my stomach!

    • I sincerely apologize. My name is Peter Maurer. I manage this page and the Facebook page.

      I’ve had a hard time keeping up with things the past few days. Forgive me.

  5. I think Peter was just pointing out the hypocrisy of the RPO Board. He wasn’t saying it’s funny.

  6. Could Peter Maurer please refine his comments, add his name and send them to the D&C. They should be on the editorial page. So many in this community are looking for real answers. This kind of feedback helps point to that.

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