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Today’s D&C Poll

February 1, 2013

The Democrat and Chronicle put out a poll today asking, “Should Rochester Philharmonic CEO Charles Owens be fired?”

The RPO sent out this tweet in response to the poll:
“Rest assured, however this poll turns out, Charles Owens is our CEO, and will remain.”

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One Comment
  1. ted cichanowicz permalink

    I hope nobody close to what has transpired takes this poll seriously. there is not a snowballs chance on the Equator that those results are anywhere near being accurate. And while there will be a few that will quickly dismiss this as ‘sour grapes’, I really don’t think for one minute that the results haven’t been stacked and corrupted. Seriously, how many people who go to the concerts even know that much about Charlie Owens…you never see him…
    the arrogance of the above tweet tells us all we need to know. This entire thing is unconscienable. Please get us some new leadership so this can properly be put to rest.

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