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A D&C editorial suggesting a change in RPO Leadership

February 10, 2013

A thorough Democrat and Chronicle editorial highlighted a need for a change in leadership at the Rochester Philharmonic, and some ways to create effective change.

You can read it here:

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  1. Fass Martin permalink

    What the D&C editorial is suggesting/advising would be difficult even at the best of times. That is, when an RPO Board consisted of people who valued music above money, and as related to providing music of quality for the community. If such a Board faced financial problems, it would be encouraging to see the Board members commit to work together, while welcoming the involvement of citizens who were NOT part of the Board…including citizens with, as the editorial proposes, very little money of their own.

    As it is, the reality is a dark one. I feel as a member of the community that I am valued only if I buy tickets and keep silent, unless I want to offer flattery. Then I am supposed to applaud and cheer with standing ovations, no matter what. The first task of the RPO is to win back at least my conditional friendship, and not reject my opinions, position, values, principles.

    What the Board must face, I believe, is that at least a certain Rochester population feels that something rare and fine has been destroyed–by the power and counterproductive political practices of the present Board.

    • Brian Stotz, RPO Percussionist since 1977 permalink

      Welcome to the club. Now you know how those of us in the orchestra (roughly 1/3 of the musicians) who do not support management and the board feel.

      • Fass Martin permalink

        Thank you for the welcome; I’ve been in the club since I initially heard the Board was making life difficult, and my first thought was for the musicians, because I picture them as being, in so many ways, caught in the middle. What the musicians and the Maestro need, plainly and simply, is a congenial environment in which they can independently do their creative work.

        I recognize I am going into some stereotyping and generalizing now, but I look at the faces of the Board leaders and it seems clear that such an environment is not to be tolerated by these stern, humorless (in the widest sense of the word) individuals.

        Otherwise, they would have seen and heard what was right out there to experience from the first time Arild Remmereit conducted a concert. And they would have been awed.

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