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Alex Ross on the RPO management

February 19, 2013

Alex Ross (music critic of The New Yorker) comments in his blog that “The Rochester Philharmonic … has gone into a tailspin on account of destructive actions by management and board.”   Charlie Owens and Besty Rice, does the opinion of the most respected music critic in of the world matter to you??

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  1. ted cichanowicz permalink

    There are none so blind as those who will not see. These two demi-gods are far too arrogant to even consider that they have played a major role in upsetting the music community, as well as the musicians. And its clear that folks from all over are watching. There needs to be a change. When will they finally recognize that and allow the RPO to move ahead.

  2. If you want to know what Alex Ross means by “tailspin”, you need look no farther than the program for the February 28, March 2 concerts. In place of Remmereit’s well organized and cohesive program, we get a grab bag of unrelated snippets. It simply screams that nobody with any aesthetic vision is in charge, I plan to stay home.

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