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Review of the Feb. 24 concert from the Democrat & Chronicle

February 24, 2013

By Stuart Low.

Arild Remmereit  … “led the Rochester Chamber Orchestra in a superbly performed program of classical symphonies and short Romantic pieces.”

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  1. ted cichanowicz permalink

    all I can say after this afternoon is damn you RPO Board of Directors and a few whiny musicians….for not allowing this community to continue to be entertained by a master on the podium. You have earned my unreserved scorn. I don’t think I’m alone in feeling thusly.

    • Ted,

      Once again, you have expressed the joy mingled with outrage perfectly. By the way, where is it written that this is the last time that Maestro Remmereit will conduct in Rochester? Not on the concert program, not in the hearts of the participating musicians or the enthusiastic audience.

      You will only find the words “sendoff, final, goodbye,” in the vocabulary of the media, where a story needs to be tied up, and neatly ended.

      We, fortunately, are in the real world, and not J school. Look for more to come, and, most importantly, as Commander Picard would say, “make it so.”

  2. To both of the above bloggers, I would like to sound a note that is both hopeful and cautionary. Even if we could somehow force the Board to reappoint Arild Remmereit, other changes would be necessary to achieve a stable situation. In the absence of other changes, the anti-Remmereit faction would very probably redouble their efforts to undermine him in the hope of proving that they were right in the first place. Would one or two resignations suffice? Possibly, but I doubt it. What we really need is significant turnover in both the Board and the Administration before we can arrive at a state where either Remmereit, if he is still available, or another person of comparable vision and gifts if he is not, can be welcomed to the RPO and given the unstinted support that he or she deserves. Let us keep at the effort to elect a Board that puts the music first, and that has both the know-how and the determination to make the RPO the best it can be.

  3. ted cichanowicz permalink

    William–good points. As an old Navy man, I learned that the ‘fish rots from the head on down’. Meaning that leadership is vital. Our current leadership must be replaced first–and the rest will follow. I do not believe for one minute that the RPO will flourish, or be what it should be with the current strife still present, even among the musicians–many of whom are not at all happy with some of their very outspoken colleagues who found it so important to run the Maestro out of town on a rail (figuratively of course) for reasons that should be secondary to their main task…and that is to provide the best music experience for the ticket buying public. The audience doesn’t care how many times Spielberg yells cut in order to get the scene right..they only care about the resultant finished product. I’m sure many egos of those talented actors were bruised in the process…but in the end, if it resulted in a masterpiece of film, it was surely worth it…wasn’t it??

    We, the beleaguered followers of the RPO have to continue to endure the pithy comments of the likes of Mark Berry, when such comments are just so incredibly wrong spirited–but clearly self indulgent. Its time for a change. Anyone who attended that annual meeting knows this. And anyone who attended Hochstein on Sunday also knows, without reservation, that the RPO has made a very sad mistake.

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