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Text of the Judge’s Decision

April 15, 2013

RPO 618 Petition DEC


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  1. Martin Fass permalink

    The number one priority seems to be, as gathered from this text, not to interfere with the workings of the RPO Board. The outcome may well have been quite different if the number one priority would be to have a democratic, open organization in which rules and written procedures did not serve to limit and control participation by any and all people in this community who place value on the RPO and its role in the culture.

  2. ted cichanowicz permalink

    Its difficult to wade thru 19 pages of legalese. I hope the RPO Board is pleased with themselves. They have unnecessarily lost a world class conductor midway thru a season, depriving ticket buyers the benefits of his great musical skills; they have created more discord than a modern classical composer; and have skillfully taken no responsibility for the damage that has been done. They have spun and twisted and presented this to the public like they have done a noble deed, worthy of our adulation.
    And now they expect us to trust them going forward. Never have I been less proud of how the RPO has presented themselves to our community. I resent the money I contributed to them this past season. I have attended all my concerts out of respect for the majority of the musicians who haven’t bought into miscarriage. But it hasn’t been fun. There is definitely something missing.

    Maybe no one feels this way anymore. Maybe they are all weary of it. Maybe Charlie Owens knew all along that he could bully his way out of this mess and appear to come out smelling like a rose. Maybe.

    Maybe not. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

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