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This page is a Community Page concerning the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. We are not affiliated with the RPO management or musicians.

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  1. Fass Martin permalink

    Now on Thursday, January 24, I wanted to learn at least something of what happened at last night’s RPO meeting. Hopefully, some of you will write messages HERE.

    The latest development at the D&C is that one can’t see anything but headlines at their website unless you have subscribed. …Over at WXXI-FM, Brenda T. had a brief report at 8:05, saying that the Board explained the “reasons” last night, but she did not mention a single one. Said to go to THEIR website for more. …Next, over to the WXXI website, where the writer claimed “for the first time” the Board explained the reasons. But what this reporter went on to give us was the same stuff we’ve had already. I am prejudiced, but there were no “reasons.” It WAS emphasized that in terms of finances, even with the deficit, they are doing nicely in getting RPO subscribers. As Nero Wolfe would say, Pfui.

    Oh yes. The fundamental message from Brenda’s report, including the sound bite, was that it was a good, informative meeting, except for being interrupted briefly by a rude woman refusing to abide by the chairperson’s rules. The rude person was strongly put in her place, so there.

    –Martin Fass

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